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Garden of Fine Arts – Tadao Ando

Famous pieces of fine art from Eastern and Western culture have been transposed onto┬álarge format ceramic panels. The pieces are exhibited in an open air gallery designed by Tadao Ando. The artworks such as Claude Monet’s “Water Lilies – Morning”, Van Gogh’s “Road with Cypresses and Star” and Renoir’s “On the Terrace” have been reproduced at scales up to four times the original dimension and are exhibited as direct fixtures on the concrete Architecture. In the case of Monet’s piece, the ceramic panels are exhibited horizontally submerged in a shallow pond at the entrance of the gallery.

The circulation of the garden zig-zags down wide ramps, becoming more subterraneum. Water is used as an element to isolate the pieces from viewer, and the works are often exhibited on extruded blades of concrete that emerge from the constructed water gardens. Unlike Chichu Art Museum or the other museums on Naoshima, natural light is given evenly throughout the plan. The play of vertical and horizontal is most profound, both in the level of excavation that exists, but also in how the elements of art, concrete and water all share these two dimensions.

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